Mykonos Rent A Car

What We Offer?

Mykonos Rent A Car provides you with amazing car rental services! We are here to make sure that you find a great, exciting and fun way to travel all around Mykonos fast and without spending a lot of money. We provide accommodation proposals, organized tours and professional concierge services you can access at your own pace. If you want to visit Mykonos in all of its glory, all you need is to get in touch with us.

Car Rental

You can choose from a plethora of car models, depending on your needs and how you want to travel.

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Private organized tours

We will create a great itinerary for you, so you can easily browse Mykonos in all of its glory.

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Transfer from your hotel to the airport/port

Our fast, reliable and high speed travel service will help you get to the destination fast and easy.

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Best quality guaranteed


Assimomitis – Mykonos Rent a Car!

With Mykonos Rent A Car you get to have immediate access to some of the best, latest car models on the market. You will be able to personalize what car rental you want fast and easy. You can also ask us for recommendations and assistance.


The Mykonos Rent A Car family

Mykonos Rent A Car was created in 1978, so we have many decades of experience when it comes to car rentals and travels on Mykonos. We started with a horse-draw carriage and donkey rental system, and now you can have the best Mykonos Rent A Car experience at the best possible prices that you can find on the entire market.

A reliable car rental agency in Mykonos

We are the third generation in our family that owns and runs Mykonos Rent A Car. And we always strive to improve the business and keep it up with the times. We are offering amazing, exquisite services and a very friendly customer support. We want our customers to feel that we are their friends, and we work really hard to provide them with a great and fun experience.


Relax and enjoy the Mykonos holidays

We created Mykonos Rent A Car because we want to eliminate all the stress and anxiety which comes from not having a car on the island. With our help you always get to have the car rental you want and results will be great every time.

Transfer from your hotel to the airport/port

We understand that you need professional transfer services from time to time. And Mykonos Rent A Car can help you with fast, outstanding and very reliable transfer services at a very good price. You can let us know when you need transfer services and we will happily assist!